Kullervo. Finland. Dec 2014.

Provided visuals/ electronics for a performance of Kullervo by the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in Finland. Working with Bev Carpenter, the idea was to use the movements of the violinists arm to generate visuals which were in line with the overall graphic design

An accelerometer strapped to the violinist’s arm would capture the movement and we decided that the data would be transmitted by radio transceiver.

Circuits were based on Teensy controllers and used NRF24L01 transcievers. 

1st attempt.
2nd attempt
ready for Finland!!
Once the data has been received, processing was used to generate the visuals.
In Finland !!! Logomo venue in Turku
On stage, the transmitter with the sensor at the end of the yellow cable
Dress rehersal. Violinist in the orange jumper has the sensor.
on the night!!
Note the violinist with the yellow cable!! The guy was a true professional !!

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