light sculpture

Light Sculpture

An idea for the Straight8 super8 competition 2011
The idea is to take a super8 camera and modify it so it can take long exposures controlled by an Arduino.
This camera then films a moving light sculpture which should create nice geometric patterns but in a mesmerising way. Not all flickery like your typical long exposure film.
Here’s the moving light part. It spins around driven by stepper motors and powered via a slip ring. And the rotating part can also move in the xy plane.
The light in the middle is a cold cathode tube. There are masks which can move in and out to shape the light from a point to a line and there’s a colour roll which travels across the light to give it either a single colour, many colours or gradients.
Here are some pics of the set up in the warehouse at reworks. Note that the camera is set up on a long piece of wood in a shopping trolley, so that it points vertically down and can also be tracked back and forth.
DSC05314 DSC05316 DSC05317

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