Made for strawberry fair.
The idea is that it can measure your “inner goth” and reveal your goth rating on the meter. Music plays depending on how goth you are – Kylie for a score of 1 and Sisters of Mercy for 11. If you do get to 11, a smoke machine is triggered as an extra surprise.
In actual fact – there is a webcam looking at you and the image is analysed by python and openCV. OpenCV stands for Open Computer Vision and this allows the image to be processed using some quite sophisticated algorithms which people much smarter than I have compiled for everyone else to use. The image is analysed to see how much black and purple are present. These being the stereotypical Goth colours. The more purple/ black detected the higher the goth rating. An arduino is connected to the laptop via rs232 cable.
Checking the dimensions

Checking the webcam

Below are the gubbins to trigger the smoke machine
DSC04510 DSC04509 DSC04503

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