Helsingin musiikkitalo – Helsinki

That’s Finnish for the Helsinki Music Centre – but you knew that anyway. Designed by a 30 year old Finnish architect. 30 years old!


The Musiikkitalo is a bigger venue than LoGoMo.  1700 seats this time. No parallel surfaces,  perforated walls and an enormous concrete block in the ceiling all contribute to it’s amazing acoustics. Some blurry photos from the stage and the lighting desk. Look for the black boxes with antenna.


IMG_20141207_195033  IMG_20141207_194629



LoGoMo – Turku

The first Kullervo concert was held at LoGoMo in Turku.  It looks like it used to be a yard for the train station nearby. It’s a very nice venue. I like the old industrial building vibe very much.

logomo at night
logomo at night
Interesting lighting inside

The venue inside

Some nervous moments as the kit is fired up for the first time in the real setting.



The dress rehearsal the day after. The lead violinists is the chap in the orange jumper to the conductor’s left.


By the way – this is how you move 5 double bases.


Concert time!!!!!

It would have been a bit rude to take photos during the concert – but here’s one just after they’ve finished. Note the lead violinist with the yellow cable hanging down his arm. I was a bit concerned that it would bother him – but he is a professional!


Next stop – Helsinki

wireless accelerometer

Some photos of the prototype circuit.

On the left – the transmitter bit and on the right the receiver section. The teensy controllers are the green components, the radios are the components with the antenna and the prototype sensor is the thing in between the white and blue boards.

processing test

First dabble with processing to make visuals for Kullervo.