Reworks closed!!!!

Alas all good things ……

Reworks is now closed. It’s due for redevelopment into flats and shops. I imagine once the travelodge is finished it won’t be long until reworks is flattened. It used to be an eyesore but the grafitti added some colour to it.

On the last day before the gates were welded shut  I popped in and took some long exposure pics using my bike light as the only light source (The power had already been cut!). Even the exterior pic looks ok using the bike light as the front light.

DSC05434DSC05427 DSC05428 DSC05429 DSC05431 

It looks a mess now – but it was a great place to work. Might have to enroll at Makespace now instead.

Workshop 54

This is where it all happens. An abandoned carpet warehouse which has been converted into small social enterprise units. In one of those units is Workshop 54 !

workshop logo

front of workshop

inside workshop

Full of tools and bits of scrap metal, this place is a veritable paradise for tinkerers. It’s also home to the splendid Trailer trash !